About me:

So you want to know more?

As a senior in Kennesaw State University's Graphic Communications program, I have garnered a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in art history, design principles, typography, electronic illustration, publication design, and interactive media. Further, I've grown a great interest in marketing and branding, studying Adobe Creative Suite and pursuing a minor in Marketing to broaden my skill set.
I believe to promote the ideal I hold nearest to myself: business rooted in growth and positive change. As my passion for marketing and design grows, I find myself wanting a workplace where I can develop both independently and as part of a team. One where each employee is, such as I find myself, as enthusiastic about bringing a skillset as they are about learning a new one.
Through my rigorous classwork and past professional experiences, I've gained an appreciation for the ever-changing field and workplace of design. I've grown easily adaptable, able to handle change and pressure, while still placing the quality of my work above all else. I believe that all of this, ultimately, would bring forth a unique and enriching experience for all parties.